Exchanging Guilt For Aligned Conscience

Guilt often turns into self-persecution. We incur guilt for something we think we have done wrong, something we think we should not have done, for instance, and then turn to self recrimination and blame of ourselves and others. It does not further. There’s a difference between guilt induced self-blame and a well-developed conscience, however. Conscience prompts us to recognize when we are living outside of

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Guilt Doesn’t Necessarily Mean We Are Guilty

photo credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto I’ve found that feeling guilt does not necessarily mean we are guilty! Especially when it’s the kind of guilt that comes from rescuing others. When we are in the habit of assuming responsibility for others, we feel guilty anytime we are not taking care of them. But doing for those who can do for themselves is not always helpful. Feeling guilt at

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What I Added to Lose Weight & Restore Health

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I mentioned in my last post that guilt was the first thing I gave up to help me lose weight. But there was also something I added to my daily life that was equally important in the process of transforming my health. I added a practice devoted to aligning with Source every day. I spent years gathering resources for personal healing: yoga,

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Guilt is Fattening

I lost 50 pounds 3 years ago and have kept it off. The first thing I gave up was guilt. photo credit: dimas.r I am serious. I realized that I was “running” a guilt-producing story in my mind every time I ate something that I considered to be the least bit “high calorie,” “unhealthy,” or “unnecessary.” I came to the conclusion that my self-talk, full

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Self Blame leads to Judgment of Others ……..

by FatBusinessman Negative judgment of others acts like a finger pointing, it reflects back to us our own internalized guilt. Blame of self is behind all externally focused negative judgment. For instance, when I find fault in you … I am really seeing something about myself that I have not accepted. Instead of owning it, I deny it and look for a way to blame

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