To Serve As Witnesses for One Another … Love In Action

My oldest, best friend, Bobbie Gene died yesterday morning. His worn out liver finally gave up. Even though I was not there when he passed away, I knew he was gone before I got the call telling me so. We were just sorta like that with one another. There are all kinds of relationships … some friends we meet while we’re young and then we

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An Ongoing Relationship With Mom

The day after I returned home from Mom’s funeral, we made contact. It happened like this: I was in my morning practice, when suddenly I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye. She was strong & healthy, her eyes were clear and piercing. There were no signs of debilitation whatsoever. We carried on a mental dialog. She told me she was ready to continue her

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Free At Last

photo credit: whiskeyandtears This morning, the day after my mother died, I got up early to go for a morning walk. It was a beautiful, sunny fall morning, crisp and clear, the trees decked out in their October colors of bright orange and red. I walked along with my ipod in my pocket playing Joan Osborne songs in my ears. I felt elated. The heaviness

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Death Is No “Gift”…Or Is It?

I got some strong feedback disagreeing with some of what I said yesterday about death. Hearing the feedback brought me awareness of how my words could come across – It definitely could sound like I am discounting grief and that wasn’t my intention. I apologize if that’s how it sounds to you. One concern was about saying such things to someone who has just lost

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