Am I Free?

The more we clear the unnecessary clutter of mind, the less story there is; the less story, the less “me” to stand in the way. The Pure Emtiness of Infinite Richness fills and express Itself through the clean-as-a-whistle pail of a remaining me. I am filled and used by Essence according to It’s intention and this vessel’s design. My primary role in life shifts from

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I’m Free!

Something else worth remembering … and that is that without story, we are FREE! Free to do whatever we want. Here are some options I might choose from … … I can project my story out and react unconsciously to it, blaming the world around me for the backlash effect that comes from living my limiting story out in vivid technicolor. (When we are living

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Certainty through Truth

I have continued to explore what this “certainty” is that was promised as my “next step” …. The words (see previous post on “Certainty) came to me during the dark hours of early morning and I have continued to meditate upon them. I’ve decided that Certainty is the state that comes naturally when we are free from believing the stories we’ve told ourselves and believed

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