When is enough enough? How to be kind and still draw the line …

On the path to peace, we encounter the struggle for balance between being consciously kind and loving and tolerating the intolerable. The Guiding Principles of Reality teach us that Love is the answer … that there is a gift in every single encounter, including the most painful ones. The principles emphasize that we must give up blame to find the peace and resolution we seek. And so

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Using the Guiding Principles During the “Hard Times”

The news concerning my health was not what I wanted to hear. The lab report that brought the news was part of a screening for a clinical study I was applying for to test a new drug protocol for Hepatitis C, a condition I was diagnosed with in 2001. The news was disappointing for two reasons, one, because I did not qualify to participate in

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Christ Modeled Forgiveness, Not Victim Consciousness …

I understand how “pollyannish” forgiveness can appear to some, especially if we think forgiveness means that we must “pretend” or tolerate abuse! And yet, when we look to the Christ example, we come to see that a big part of what He did was to demonstrate the power of forgiveness in the midst of unthinkable abuse. Jesus IS the ultimate model of what it is

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Why Forgiveness?

We as humans struggle with the concept of forgiveness. To many of us, to forgive, means to “roll over and take it,” and THAT, we’re not having! Nosiree! So we “make them pay.” We punish them with our resentment, and we gossip to our friends about how they hurt us. Do we feel better now? Really? Oh, I know, there’s that fleeting “hurrah” inside, that,

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Forgiving Our Abusers

photo credit: Rodos 2009 Forgiveness is a powerful healing agent. Forgiving others (NOT making excuses for or condoning their behavior, mind you!) is the quickest route to self-acceptance and inner peace because it releases us from carrying a heavy burden of hurt and resentment. To forgive means to let go of the beliefs about others that generate our pain. Hating those who did hurtful things

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