Self Forgiveness

Yes … It is our strong negative reactions towards others that gives us a “visceral view” of our feelings towards ourselves. Our reactions show us where forgiveness is needed. Forgiveness of the other… yes, but that will come automatically as we focus our attention on forgiving ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for what? Perhaps we have not forgiven ourselves for choices made back when we were inexperienced

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More on Surrendering Judgment

When we are coming from a surrendered state, we naturally look for the gifts being offered through the circumstances we experience. We look for reasons why things ARE the way they are, rather than for reasons why they should not be this way or that. We attune with gratitude to whatever is happening, because we understand that the Universe is benevolent and that enables us

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Understanding Darkness

The esoteric teaching is that we come to this planet to explore the very conditions of darkness; the painful circumstances, even rape and murder, in which we may find ourselves. It’s part of the soul education or “course” we came to take. We are here as spirit-in-a-body to learn more about how to manipulate the density of a physical, concrete world. The challenges we face

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Dealing With Ego Generated Pain

It is only our ego that devises low frequency stories. Ego comes from our early wounding and is therefore of low frequency. Source is the highest frequency possible … how can it produce low frequency? It cannot produce low frequency results … any more than cats can give birth to puppies or vice-versa. High frequency can only generate high frequency and low frequency can only

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Death Is No “Gift”…Or Is It?

I got some strong feedback disagreeing with some of what I said yesterday about death. Hearing the feedback brought me awareness of how my words could come across – It definitely could sound like I am discounting grief and that wasn’t my intention. I apologize if that’s how it sounds to you. One concern was about saying such things to someone who has just lost

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