When we’re feeling bad ….

I’ve noticed in myself, and others, a tendency to try to get someone else to help us feel better when we’re feeling down … when, in fact, we generated the negative feelings in the first place! For instance, when we mistreat ourselves through negative self-talk – we tend to believe the unkind things we’re saying about ourselves which sets us up to react out of

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Loved Ones Who Refuse to Indulge Our Moods

Yes, it’s nice when our loved ones are consoling and understanding when we are down … but not necessary! And it can even be a way of reinforcing victim hood when those we love get on board with the idea that life has been unfair or unjust to us and we therefore deserve to feel down. Daniel (my husband) has consistently refused to indulge me

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My Moods Are My Choice

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to feel bad – Ever…. And I can choose to feel bad whenever I choose. I “choose” to feel bad whenever I run a pain producing story about what’s happening in my life… “My husband should tolerate and console me when I’m feeling down … if he doesn’t it means he’s not right for me”

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Using Negative Behavior to Detect Old Story

I have recognized the power of using my own negative emotional reaction as a doorway into dissolving old story. There is another powerful “story detector” available for our use in the clearing process … our behavior. How we act comes from how we “see things”; in other words, our behavior comes from what we believe. Learning to watch our behavior without judgment is a powerful

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