Choosing to love, no matter what

  Family relations can be so complex sometimes. It’s not unusual for family members to feel the need to distance themselves from one another for varying periods of time during the heat of a misunderstanding. During such times, it helps to remind ourselves that these (more often than not) temporary reprieves we sometimes take can provide breathing room for us and allows us to clear

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We Get To Choose Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Responses to Abuse …

photo credit: Otto Yamamoto To move out of victim consciousness means to understand that no matter what an abuser does to us, we ALWAYS GET TO CHOOSE how we think, and feel about it. What we do with what happens to us is something no one can take from us. We can choose how to see the painful, abusive things we experience and we get

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Seeking Thoughts That Generate Peace Instead of Pain

photo credit: tapperboy I believe that to move out of victim consciousness, we must replace our old way of looking at the world with a set of guiding principles that provides a more healing framework for understanding the terrible things we go through. Since I see the world as a mirror, I trust that those people who act destructively towards others will reap the full

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Feeling Distant? Guess Who Moved?

photo credit: metoc I saw a message once on a church billboard that said, “If you feel distant from God, guess who moved?” This is a relevant question – not only in our relationship with Source, but also in our relationship with others. We separate ourselves from ourselves, others and Source when we blindly believe the painful stories we think Here’s an example: During the

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When Loved Ones Act Unloving Towards Us

photo credit: Firesam! When people act negatively towards us, they are hurting. What they need most from us is the thing that is hardest to give. They need to feel loved and included by us. When we find ourselves acting unloving towards them, it is because we don’t feel loved, i.e., we are hurting. We think they are withholding love and we resent them for

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