Defining Victimhood

photo credit: andybullock77 The term “victimhood” as I use it, refers to a painful mental state of consciousness that originates from limiting beliefs we hold that cause unhappiness. Being a victim by this definition has little to do with our outside circumstances. It is a state of consciousness that is based on our perception of those circumstances. Victims, by this definition, perceive themselves as unfortunate,

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Revised: The Three Faces of Victim!

I just wanted to let you know that my edited, expanded and completely revised version of “The Faces of Victim” is now up and available free on my webpage! I wrote the original version eight or nine years ago. There has been so much expansion in my work since then that I began to feel that the article did not adequately convey my teaching. In

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Seeing the World through a Victim Lens

As long as we believe thoughts like; “They did it to me”, we will be stuck in a story that produces suffering. Seeing the world through a lens of what others have done to us is a primary characteristic of victimhood (see “Faces of Victim“). The ego is that part of us that sees the world through the victim lens. Believing that others can cause

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