Thoughts/Feelings are “Contagious”

photo credit: D.C.Atty Empathy refers to the ability to relate to the feelings of another. Those of us who experience the thoughts and feelings of those around us are said to be “empathetic.” We are called “empaths.” This ability to pick up on the feelings of others is something that we do automatically. We “catch” the thought/feeling “stream” of another and experience it in our

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“If you love me, you’ll tolerate my bad mood ….”

Often stated is some variation of this belief … “In a healthy, loving relationship, if one partner has a bad day, or gets down for some reason … the other partner should empathize, and try to say or do something to make them feel better.” Is this true? “My partner is responsible for fixing my bad moods?” Do I absolutely know that? When I think

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