Part 2; Noah … Experiencing the Floodwaters of life ….

photo credit: Vertigogen God tells Noah to prepare for the coming flood by building an ark. How is this chapter in the Bible about a flood relevant to us? Water is the element that corresponds to the emotional self. We often use “watery” terms to describe our emotional life. We talk about being “flooded with emotion” … of ”drowning in sorrow” or of being “swept

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Step back & question that thought ….

It’s important to remember that feelings come from thought. Always. Therefore when we awake feeling bad in the morning – there can only be one cause – and that would be our own thoughts. Knowing this, we turn our gaze fully on the offending thought(s) and question its validity. Once we’ve stepped back from believing what we think … peace follows. Blessings, Lynne

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When the Emotions Rule

It’s our emotional body that dictates our future (sometimes immediately). What I believe today will shape the things I experience tomorrow. If I believe that I I have to eek out a living doing a job I hate just to survive … I think thoughts akin to “I don’t matter to anyone” and “Life is hard and unpleasant” … then this is what my tomorrow

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