The Right to Feel Bad …

There is a question asked fairly often that reflects a commonly shared experience in relationship – that being the whole dynamic around what we expect our loved ones to tolerate and do for us when we are feeling down …. Perhaps it’s a question we all must ask at some point … it is: “Do we not all have times in our day when we

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How my reactions serve me….

I got the chance to watch some of my stories come up about myself in relation to my family members over the holidays. I saw clearly that I have a limiting story about every single one of them. Here are some examples; “She just lets people carry her …”, “He has such a poverty mentality …. “, “He has to be in control of everything

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Silence & Surrender

In my practice yesterday I learned something about the nature of “Silence” … I realized that the words space and surrender and silence are all synonymous terms for the same thing. Silence happens in the space created when we surrender attachment to our thoughts. Surrender is to let go of the need to be right about what I am thinking. Surrender happens every time I

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Seeing the World through a Victim Lens

As long as we believe thoughts like; “They did it to me”, we will be stuck in a story that produces suffering. Seeing the world through a lens of what others have done to us is a primary characteristic of victimhood (see “Faces of Victim“). The ego is that part of us that sees the world through the victim lens. Believing that others can cause

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Ego Reaction

In order to even begin to comprehend the Mysterious Workings of the Universe, we must trust (not hope, but really believe) that the Universe is benevolent; that “God is love”. This means that, from the higher perspective, there are no real “mistakes”. Relatively speaking, of course, things appear to happen randomly, without reason or “accidently”. But if we choose to believe in a Loving Source,

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