Gratitude Dispels Fear …

photo credit: jakub_hla I was tossing and turning during the wee hours of the night a while back. (I’ve found that the early AM hours are the time when the ego does its worst work.) This sort of sleeplessness has assailed me before. I awaken abruptly and lie there for hours completely overrun with thoughts like, “what if this happens or what if that doesn’t

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Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

In a state of morning surrender I abide, for long seconds at a time, in The Vibrating Silence. Being in that Presence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no separation. No thought, not even the awareness of a self, is possible here. Then, suddenly the Observer Within notices the experience – it stands back to see that state of Beingness …

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Resistance: Food for the Victim Ego

 photo credit: Dalliano0925????? We all have a part of us that focuses on the negative and generates resistance to life in the form of negativity. I call that part of us, the “victim ego.” The victim ego is the part of us that is in constant resistance to the world, with thoughts like, “I didn’t deserve that, it’s not fair” and “Look what they did

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An Invitation to Use this Blog to Help Free Yourself from Victimhood ….

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’d like to invite you to come into a deeper relationship with my teaching here on this site. I want this blog to be a resource to bring greater understanding to you of your relationship between your true Self and ego. As a psychotherapist with thirty years experience founded on metaphysical principles I started this blog over a year ago with the

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From self-reliance to Source Reliant ….

photo credit: Jokerface 13 In the beginning it’s all about becoming self reliant. This is so necessary, of course! How else are we going to be able to build confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves? I started life on my own at an early age. I was fifteen when I left my family home. By the time I was 17, I was

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