Who is the “do-er”?

Once again I am reminded that I, myself am not the doer. It is not “me” that does anything … not the first thing … not even breathe myself. I am being breathed and acted through; moved by that Mysterious Life Force, called various things – Universal Source, Great Spirit, God. There is no “doer” at all. To think so is simply illusion. There is

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Saying No Can Feel Threatening To Ego …

Saying no can sometimes be seen as threatening to an ego who has an investment in how others see it. Could this have anything to do with your reluctance to say no? Again, the mistake is in thinking that the story is who we are. It’s not. The essential “I” behind the eyes has no story. There’s no investment in needing to impress or prove

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When we relate to others from ego ….

When we relate to others from our wounded egos we use people. That’s the only way that part of us knows how to relate. The ego aspect of us sees friends as commodities … as objects that can be helpful or useful – to be used and discarded at will. It’s the part that objectifies everything. It’s the part of us that sees illusion. From

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When we’re feeling bad ….

I’ve noticed in myself, and others, a tendency to try to get someone else to help us feel better when we’re feeling down … when, in fact, we generated the negative feelings in the first place! For instance, when we mistreat ourselves through negative self-talk – we tend to believe the unkind things we’re saying about ourselves which sets us up to react out of

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Self Acceptance

Emotional and spiritual progress is a relative thing – unique to each individual. Consciousness grows in proportion to how well we relate to ourselves. The more we accept ourselves for where we are on our journey, the faster consciousness expands. We can measure the degree of self acceptance we have by noticing how much less we negatively judge ourselves and others. Critical judgment diminishes in

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