Even Our Nightmares Teach ….

photo credit: Hadi Zaher I spent the day yesterday struggling with an inner state of low-frequency mind-spin. The thing that triggered me seemed to be emotional fall-out from a nightmare I’d awakened from that morning. In my nightmare I was in a once-upon-a-time-all-too-familiar state of rage of the kind I used to experience often some years back when the victim-mind ruled. I was railing and

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Are You Living Your Life In The Toilet?

by android_man A friend recently shared a re-occurring dream. She has been unhappily married for some time and feels trapped – unable to leave for all sorts of reasons. She spends her days railing against her husband, a man she sees as being the cause of all her misery. “Lynne, she said, I’ve been having this same dream the past three nights and I can’t

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Preparing to Live

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend preparing to have a life versus actually having it? I see so many people putting off living their lives … saying things like, I’ll really start living when … “I make enough money” or “get out of debt”; when “I have children” or “once the children are gone”; “when I get the right job” or “when

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Revolution for Real Life

The revolution I’d like to see is one where more of us are saying yes to living the life we desire. A revolution where we refuse to believe these inner stories that inhibit our true life expression and keep us believing that having a “real life” is not possible for us. Dare to live today the life you’ve been dreaming. You are anyway, you know

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Understanding Our Dreams ….

Recently someone wondered out loud why dreams come to us in such hard to understand, “cryptic” symbols … Her musing prompted a few thoughts … Dreams only appears like some kind of “cryptic” code to us until we get better acquainted with the language (of psyche). It’s the same way with any foreign language – it seems nonsensical in the beginning but as you acquire

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