What is death?

What is death? Here’s what I think…. We preview death every time we close our eyes and go to sleep. That dream life that takes us over when we sleep is as close as we can come to experiencing death while in a body. This is why there is no need to fear it. Who among us does not like to close our eyes and

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The Tonic of Self Appreciation

I dreamed last night that I was eat up with longing for validation, recognition and resentment at not getting it. I would create a piece of art – decide no one valued it and then feel ashamed for wanting their acknowledgement & so destroy it in a fit of despair and resentment. Altho I’m not aware of what presently this dream might refer to (I’m

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This Dream Called “My Life”

This morning, I suddenly saw more clearly than ever that this experience I call “my life” is truly a dream. (“Welcome to Lynne’s dream!” ) When you come into my home… for instance, you enter the dream of what I have previously believed “Lynne’s home” could look like. In other words, I dreamed this place into concrete reality. What you see, in visible form, is

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