Does our Outer Reality always reflect our Inner Mind?

Every single person has a particular specialty or job that they are here to perform. Like every single cell in a living organism has it’s own specific task, we also have a particular role to play. (Notice the word “role” here) This is not something we have to find … it finds (and does) us! Our roles come out of the story we are born

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Life is Instructional By Design ….

The challenge for many of us comes when we are asked to trust the process that is unfolding through us … The only way I’ve found to do that is through a daily practice of intention and alignment with Source. That daily connection promotes a confidence that makes surrender to Source possible. I’ve learned to trust that every life moment is instructional by design. We

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Deciding Future Is Not Our Purpose

I am free as well from feeling guilty, lost or behind in “finding my purpose”…. There is no effort to try to “make my life into something special”, because I know what my purpose is … it’s quite simply … to be doing whatever Source is doing through me right now. That’s it. That’s as much as I need to know. There’s nothing I need

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On Being A Vessel …

We are made to be filled and moved by this Life Force that we call Source. We are each uniquely designed … shaped really, (much like a potter throws a pot for a specific function …) for the performance of some distinct purpose. Yes, I am saying that we are shaped for an individual and unique purpose. But I am NOT implying that we have

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Working in the Fields

As we move towards the end of the year we may find ourselves thinking about our calling. It’s a time when stress-creating stories about the need to know what our service is supposed to be come up…. Instead of sugar plums, visions of the “Great Success” we were supposed to be and never did, dance in our heads …. Feelings of inadequacy and failure accompany

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