Revolution for Real Life

The revolution I’d like to see is one where more of us are saying yes to living the life we desire. A revolution where we refuse to believe these inner stories that inhibit our true life expression and keep us believing that having a “real life” is not possible for us. Dare to live today the life you’ve been dreaming. You are anyway, you know

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I’m Free!

Something else worth remembering … and that is that without story, we are FREE! Free to do whatever we want. Here are some options I might choose from … … I can project my story out and react unconsciously to it, blaming the world around me for the backlash effect that comes from living my limiting story out in vivid technicolor. (When we are living

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Choosing My Stage Production Theme

Let’s go back to the analogy of each person directing and starring in our own play … When I understand that we are all simply performing in our own production, it removes any need to judge, interfere or rewrite the play I’m witnessing. After all, it’s THEIR play … and I’m so busy with my own … that I don’t have time to try to

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