Victory Over Victim: Giving Up the “I Give Up” Mindset

photo credit: alicepopkorn ( in and out ) “I give up” is an insidious mind set that robs us of life on every front. Instead of claiming victory for our lives, this mind set establishes us as losers who settle for scarcity, poor health and unhappy circumstances. I’ve worked with clients who started giving up on life as children, inch by inch, so that by

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Eyes open and mind takes over ….

Yes, I understand about those days when the stressful mind is what greets us first upon opening our eyes. This is more common than not for many …. I see the limited mind as ever waiting for the opportunity to take us over … it does so by filling our heads with opinions and stories (such as, “I just don’t want to deal with life!”

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Stumbling In the Dark … Living Unconsciously.

Being unconscious is like having lived in a dark room for years – not being able to see and stumbling over the same obstacles again and again…. When we’ve lived in the dark so long, we feel victimized by the things we stumble over … we feel at the mercy of these obstacles within us and accuse and blame our life situations for holding us

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Feeling Our Feelings

I had an interesting discussion last week with a mental health counselor, an educated woman, schooled in traditional psychology, who has spent years “in therapy” attempting to deal with unresolved issues from a painful childhood. She voiced to me a concern that this process of investigating our mental story encourages us to deny our feelings. “When we drop our story, aren’t we just stuffing our

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