Judging Others and Giving Advice

photo credit: shannonkringen Here’s a few sobering, and liberating, realizations I’ve had about the nature of judgment and advice which you might find worth reflecting on: What we accuse others of is what we have judged and denied in ourselves; the advice we give others is more often meant for us! The things we want others to do are very often the very things we

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To Turn The Other Cheek

photo credit: Sebastian Fritzon I’ve been thinking about the recommendation of Jesus to “turn the other cheek,” (Matt. 5:39) and what that really means. These are Biblical words that I’ve heard quoted many times, but until more recent times, I myself rarely practiced them, because they made no sense to me. What? Smile while someone walks all over me? Offer up my other cheek for

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Learning to doubt our limiting story ….

by Austin Tolin Most (if not all) of us carry a painful and life limiting story about who we are. We may swing to the other extreme of grandiosity or false bravado or present a facade of extreme self confidence as a way to cover or compensate for these stories but underneath we often secretly feel like a phony. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that

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Little Rooster ego

I’ve learned to recognize teachers in everything and everyone. The world is nothing if not an ongoing classroom. Today, I received a lesson on relating to ego from our little red rooster… . We brought him and two little coachin hens (they have feathered feet – so cute!) home from the local flea market and loosed them in the henyard with the rest of the

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Decision to go or not to go on pilgrimage

Out of the blue this morning, I invited my son to walk the Camino Pilgrimage in Spain with me and he agreed. I am still marveling over how it happened. I’ve been in this process of deciding to go or not to go for months … three times I decided I was not going — “It’s too expensive and difficult on a body still recovering

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