Easter Season: The Inner Crucifixion & Resurrection

photo credit: Andres Rueda Everywhere I look I see signs of, and preparation for, new life! The bluebirds in our yard are busy nesting, and new growth is popping up all over – from the fiddle-heads of new fern to over-eager garden greens sprouting in our veggie patch. Spring is indeed a glorious time of year! What more fitting time than now to celebrate the

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Reality says, “What We Resist, Persists …”

There are basic universal principles that define Reality. Wise men of every generation have observed these universal principles at work in the natural world. Certain of these guiding principles are the very foundation upon which the Reality Formula™ is based. For instance, we know that Reality is a medium that supports life, in the same way that water is a medium that supports aquatic life.

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Death and Birth, Inseparable

Watching my son move through his partners last days in a struggle with terminal illness, fills my heart with love and deep appreciation. Andrew is indeed an amazing man! Although he is stretched thin with his care-giving and financial responsibilities, he handles it all with grace and courage, and without complaint. He exude s a beautiful maturity in his ability to accept and handle the

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