More thoughts on Death

A few more clarifying thoughts on how I see death … In my mind there is a great difference between acceptance of death and wanting it. I certainly do not want anyone to die and MOST especially, my children or those I have the biggest attachment to. I cannot even imagine how it would feel to lose a child or one of my grandchildren! I

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Death Is No “Gift”…Or Is It?

I got some strong feedback disagreeing with some of what I said yesterday about death. Hearing the feedback brought me awareness of how my words could come across – It definitely could sound like I am discounting grief and that wasn’t my intention. I apologize if that’s how it sounds to you. One concern was about saying such things to someone who has just lost

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Death: The Awakener

I was asked if we “invite” the death of someone close to us. Indeed it is a commonly held belief that we are somehow responsible for someone else’s dying. I thought I’d share my thoughts on this perplexing question. Let me first say that the human body is a “form” and therefore, by definition, temporary. All forms eventually fade away, disappear, dissolve or die. That

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