An Ongoing Relationship With Mom

The day after I returned home from Mom’s funeral, we made contact. It happened like this: I was in my morning practice, when suddenly I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye. She was strong & healthy, her eyes were clear and piercing. There were no signs of debilitation whatsoever. We carried on a mental dialog. She told me she was ready to continue her

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Letting Go Even When We Think We Can’t

d photo credit: kevindooley The much dreaded time has come. My mothers death is eminent and we must give her up. We’ve all gathered, her family and loved ones, each of us with our own idea about how we think it should go; all of us sharing an earnest desire to love and support her through her final days. My brother and I spoke about

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What is death?

What is death? Here’s what I think…. We preview death every time we close our eyes and go to sleep. That dream life that takes us over when we sleep is as close as we can come to experiencing death while in a body. This is why there is no need to fear it. Who among us does not like to close our eyes and

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How do we make sense of horrendous happenings?

A friend recently shared sad news with me about the murder of one of her friends and asked me to help her reconcile her feelings of guilt and sadness around it. My response follows …. It’s hard to make any sort of sense of such happenings … especially when we identify solely with physical reality and the surface appearance of things. I want to walk

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Forgiving Darkness

Every one of us contain the seeds for every extreme within our psyches … a Hitler, child murderer, a rapist …. When we encounter extreme darkness, we immediately turn our awareness inward to investigate what these happenings have come to teach. We trust that everything, even painful circumstances, happen “for” – not “to” us. We look to our own painful reactions for the lesson and

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