Reframing the Resurrection Story of Christ

I see the Christ story through a metaphysical lens that sees the life of Christ as being purposeful in exemplifying what it looks like to walk through victimization without succumbing to victim consciousness. He walked a path of initiation that demonstrated what it is to be an eternal and sovereign being in full awareness of who he is. He knew he was the son of 

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Meeting in the Middle; The War of the Opposites

When we are spiritually mature, we live at the dividing line, within ourselves and out in the world, between polarized opposites – between black and white, right and wrong – right where any polarized notion, position, or viewpoint meets the other point of view. Through our maturing process, we move in towards the centerline where the opposites meet  (and often  clash) and away from the

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Easter Season: The Inner Crucifixion & Resurrection

photo credit: Andres Rueda Everywhere I look I see signs of, and preparation for, new life! The bluebirds in our yard are busy nesting, and new growth is popping up all over – from the fiddle-heads of new fern to over-eager garden greens sprouting in our veggie patch. Spring is indeed a glorious time of year! What more fitting time than now to celebrate the

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