Choosing My Stage Production Theme

Let’s go back to the analogy of each person directing and starring in our own play … When I understand that we are all simply performing in our own production, it removes any need to judge, interfere or rewrite the play I’m witnessing. After all, it’s THEIR play … and I’m so busy with my own … that I don’t have time to try to

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Control Comes From Fear

Control is a defensive form of responding to our world. It comes out of fear. Fear is generated by any story we run that says “life has to go my way or I’m not safe”. It is an ego reaction. The amount of control we demonstrate is an accurate reflection of the degree of safety that we feel. Often we operate out of a set

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More on Surrendering Judgment

When we are coming from a surrendered state, we naturally look for the gifts being offered through the circumstances we experience. We look for reasons why things ARE the way they are, rather than for reasons why they should not be this way or that. We attune with gratitude to whatever is happening, because we understand that the Universe is benevolent and that enables us

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A Letter to a Loved One

I awoke thinking about you this morning. I was touched by your sharing yesterday and found myself with so many things in my heart to say … . But, at that moment I did not find the right way to speak these thoughts – perhaps it was not time. This morning, however, I awoke with you fresh in my mind and desiring to share with

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