A Conscious Experiment in Consciousness

For me it is a conscious experiment. I give myself the assignment to practice seeing everything I encounter throughout my day as part of my own mind. No matter where I am or what is going on, I remind myself that what I am seeing and experiencing is a reflection of my inner state. I then look at it through that lens. I ask, “What

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A fiery, young Qigong master teaches ….

I am continuing to realize the gifts of insight that I received this past weekend’s from the Qigong Seminar that Daniel and I attended led by Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong. I SO believe in bringing our body, with its own distinct intelligence into the consciousness expansion process… and to find such a wonderful teacher of Qigong is a wonderful treat. Among the top

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Even Self Loathing Serves….

In thinking about the function of self loathing, I’ve come to this conclusion…. I absolutely believe that the self loathing voice in us can be a primary motivator for consciousness. It produces a most uncomfortable frequency that drives us to higher ground. It may well be that without the self generated misery that loathing instills, we would evolve very little indeed! So … a toast

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It is our Vibrational Frequency That Attracts our Life Experiences

The Law of Vibration teaches us that there are no mistakes. Every single person in our life came to us because they match our own vibrational frequency. Our frequency is determined by our beliefs. Our beliefs are the screenwriters for the drama we are living out. When we believe something like, “Nobody truly loves and respects me” … then we resonate a frequency that causes

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Life Experiences Reflect Internal Stories

Our unhealed stories run us from the unconscious. They generate a vibrational frequency that attracts into our lives a “like vibration” or similar frequency. For instance, my own experience as someone who was sexually abused was that for years I attracted and was attracted to abusive men … over and over I attracted men into my life who I basically re-enacted my childhood abuse with. I

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