Remembering Who I Am

photo credit: Candida.Performa I forget who I am all day long. But there’s a difference now. Now I remember that I am forgetting And I return to remembering — All day long. photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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Rising to the Call of Consciousness ….

photo credit: kretyen There are “sacred times” in our life, often very scary or painful times, that are meant to prompt us to move to a whole new level of awareness. There will be a set of circumstances that shake our notion of who we are to the core of our being. It is probably the thing we immediately think of, as we read these

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Learning to fly …..

photo credit: fauxto_digit “A clear mind … is like a bird flying above us, who in its own mind does not know how to fly …. and yet still does.” -Byron Katie When our mind is not bogged down with the stressful, self limiting stories we habitually believe then we are free to become that which we cannot otherwise fathom as possible. We become what

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What is death?

What is death? Here’s what I think…. We preview death every time we close our eyes and go to sleep. That dream life that takes us over when we sleep is as close as we can come to experiencing death while in a body. This is why there is no need to fear it. Who among us does not like to close our eyes and

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Self Acceptance

Emotional and spiritual progress is a relative thing – unique to each individual. Consciousness grows in proportion to how well we relate to ourselves. The more we accept ourselves for where we are on our journey, the faster consciousness expands. We can measure the degree of self acceptance we have by noticing how much less we negatively judge ourselves and others. Critical judgment diminishes in

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