How do we make sense of horrendous happenings?

A friend recently shared sad news with me about the murder of one of her friends and asked me to help her reconcile her feelings of guilt and sadness around it. My response follows …. It’s hard to make any sort of sense of such happenings … especially when we identify solely with physical reality and the surface appearance of things. I want to walk

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Compassion versus Pity

Yesterday, as I was walking out of the Ladies restroom at Walmart, a woman in a wheelchair was coming in and, without any sign of hesitation, she asked me to help her go to the bathroom! I was surprised and so impressed with her beautiful ability to ask for what she needed in such a wonderfully open way. Of course, I said yes …. I

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Personal Modeling of Inner Work

I got triggered this weekend. I got feedback that, to me, implied that I lacked compassion. I could tell I was hooked because I felt guilty and uneasy. I immediately started listening to the mental story I was running and heard my old familiar theme song playing … “You are so self centered and selfish – you’re incapable of caring for anybody… blah-blah.” At first

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