Remembering My Victim Past

Recently Daniel was reminiscing out loud about how I was back in my “victim days.” He talked about how I used to seem ever vigilant, always on the lookout for what was NOT going according to my plan of how things should be and how miserable I made myself (and everyone around me, too) when things were not proceeding according to “Lynne’s dictates.” (I like

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A Cup of Coffee Away From Victim Consciousness

photo credit: philcampbell I had a wonderful opportunity to transform victim consciousness this past week that I want to share. It’s a good example of what it looks like to move out of victim and into observer consciousness. Daniel and I got up early to go on the mountain outing we had planned for our day. We discussed breakfast, at first opting for a quick

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Feeling Distant? Guess Who Moved?

photo credit: metoc I saw a message once on a church billboard that said, “If you feel distant from God, guess who moved?” This is a relevant question – not only in our relationship with Source, but also in our relationship with others. We separate ourselves from ourselves, others and Source when we blindly believe the painful stories we think Here’s an example: During the

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Handling Confrontation With Grace

photo credit: AnyaLogic Here are some suggestions for dealing with someone who is angry or resistant, especially if they are reacting in a seemingly unreasonable or irrational way: 1. Rather than react defensively, find the grain of truth in their argument and acknowledge it. More than likely there will be something true in what they say, even if the majority of what they say does

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Reading between the lines …..

by opacity “Reading between the lines” is a practice that can generate a lot of misery. Besides I’m not sure that it’s even possible to really do such a thing You know how it goes, right? Someone you care about acts in a way you don’t understand and you are hurt or insulted. What causes your uncomfortable feelings? Is it their behavior? Isn’t it more

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