Being Responsible To Our Children

photo credit: piu sen In my previous post I described what it is to assume responsibility for our children. Let’s now look at the kind of parents we are when we are responsible to our children. (This post was taken from my weekly “Victim Vocabulary” series ) Being responsible to our children means we understand that they are not our possessions. They do not belong

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When We Take Responsibility FOR Our Children

photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov Understanding exactly what it means to be responsible to our children, as opposed to assuming responsibility for them, is an all important part of supporting their journey towards an independent life. Assuming responsibility for our children does not encourage their autonomy, whereas being responsible to them does. Read the follow up post to compare the difference between these two approaches. (This

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Finding the “Right” Relationship

 photo credit: Coffee Monster Single clients who are looking for a mate, say things like: “I am lonely & unhappy because I don’t have someone to share my life with,” or “I don’t enjoy being alone. I need someone – someone who will treat me right.” From those who are married, I hear, “He/she doesn’t listen to me or consider my feelings,” or “I feel

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To Give Up Rescuing ….

As you may have noticed, the rescuing aspects of our national policies in taking care of the poor has been on my mind…. (see previous posts) I’ve been talking about the difference between offering true support to others – by sending a message that reinforces an individuals right to have as much independence as his/her physical &/or mental capacities allow – and our governments present

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Bailing Others Out Backfires Every Time

by wednesday181 Rather than being a solution, “sharing the wealth with less fortunates”, I fear, can become a thinly guised rescue maneuver, doomed to end up producing even more unfortunates” in need of being care taken. When done on a national level, big government takes the role of the controlling parent who dictates what’s best for its sons and daughters under the guise of helping.

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