Using Victim Language …

photo credit: gillesklein Our use of language often tells on us, for instance when we hear phrases come out of our mouths like this one, “She/he frustrates me,” or “They upset me or make me mad,” etc – who do such words suggest that we hold responsible for our frustration? Do you hear the implication here that they are the cause of our upset? Do

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Why do I write?

photo credit: gideon_wright In this mornings practice I was asking myself the question, “Why do I blog about my process so openly? What are my underlying intentions? How much of it is ego-driven? I let those questions roll around in my mind as I breathed and stretched on my yoga mat. In my practice, rather than trying to silence the mind, I attempt to follow

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That QUICK (snap) …and a stressful story is born!

photo credit: 666isMONEY <3 Here’s a question for you; Are you absolutely SURE that your assumptions about life are right? Recently, a friend was talking to me about an idea that he was excited about. Suddenly a fly buzzed by. Unconsciously, I waved the fly away from my face and my friend stopped in mid-sentence and said, “What? … you don’t like it?” (referring to

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