The Family Scapegoat

by aka Quique Dysfunctional families are those who are stuck in victim mentality. Every dysfunctional family needs a scapegoat. What is victim mentality? It’s a state of mind that is perpetually looking for something “out there” to blame for the situations and encounters that are happening in life. Victim mentality is the result of a dysfunctional family system. When the significant caregivers in the family

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Taking Sides – Contrast through Conflict

Sometimes we are put in situations of contrast. This is part of the Universal design. How do I know that? Because it’s in alignment with the Law of Polarity and the Law of Cause and Effect. A situation of contrast is one in which the opposite sides of an issue are both active in our lives, so that we find ourselves experiencing both simultaneously. For

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Why do bad things happen to children?

“You say there are no true victims … but what about a child? How can an innocent child be responsible for the “bad” things that befall them?” We are all innocents until we become conscious of the metaphysical principles behind manifestation and the law of attraction. Metaphysical Science teaches that whatever vibration we are aligned with will be the frequency we, like magnets, will attract.

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Control Comes From Fear

Control is a defensive form of responding to our world. It comes out of fear. Fear is generated by any story we run that says “life has to go my way or I’m not safe”. It is an ego reaction. The amount of control we demonstrate is an accurate reflection of the degree of safety that we feel. Often we operate out of a set

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Children and Struggle

Children are not “new” beings… they are young in this particular incarnation, that’s all. We have all, always, existed. The Life Force that inhabits every individual, regardless of age, is eternal! This eternal Essence, or Self, is not leery of, nor judgmental about, the circumstances in which It finds itself. It does not avoid lifetimes of painful or “evil” circumstances … It comes to earth

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