Revolution for Real Life

The revolution I’d like to see is one where more of us are saying yes to living the life we desire. A revolution where we refuse to believe these inner stories that inhibit our true life expression and keep us believing that having a “real life” is not possible for us. Dare to live today the life you’ve been dreaming. You are anyway, you know

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Just Don’t Believe ….

“If we don’t invest our troublesome thoughts with the full support of believing in them, then we don’t have to ACT like we believe them. And that changes everything. 🙂 Lynne

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Unhappiness is a Story

Today, I am aligned with the idea that life is never unhappy – only my thoughts about life. Unhappiness is simply a story that I’m projecting onto a given situation. Misery is a story that says things should not change … that they should go the way I think they should go … and they’re not, so I am unhappy. These unquestioned notions cause misery

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