Staying Centered In Challenging Relationship

photo credit: Photofreak! Believe it or not, it is possible to experience peace and contentment even when we are in relationship with a “less than desirable” partner. A shift in our own consciousness is all that is required. (Notice I did not say that it is our partners consciousness that must shift! :)) To experience such a shift in consciousness we must learn to perceive

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Trusting Life … even hardship….

We may not know why difficulties come, but we trust there IS a reason and that it’s for the highest good. To resist the hardships we encounter only brings more pain so we learn to witness & look for the lessons contained within them. Not a single thing have I faced in life – no matter the level of hardship – that didn’t turn out

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Life Challenges Made to Fit ….

Our life challenges have been tailor made just for us! They are especially designed to mirror & challenge the concepts we’ve carried that have blocked us from a fuller life expression. They push and pull us into an expanded awakening. In other words, they are meant to serve – and they do, in ways that nothing else can. Blessings, Lynne

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Letting Go Into Trust in the Midst of Turmoil

Letting go of our problems means exactly that … to entrust a Higher Source to be in charge. Doing this, we do not try to come between Universal Source & the challenges that come to our loved ones. We are not here to try to prevent their pain – to try to do that is to manifest doubt in the Universal Plan & what is

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