What does it mean to set boundaries?

Healthy boundaries are not  as much about drawing lines in the sand that then must be boldly defended, as they are the natural result of a mindset that comes from believing that we are safe, loved, and deserving of kindness and respect. If we expect to be mistreated, perhaps because that’s what we have experienced in the past, we will react defensively, which often comes

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Boundaries are set from the inside out …

 photo credit: FrankBonilla.tv I was asked to define the difference between setting boundaries and delivering ultimatums and decided to share my thoughts on the topic with you all. But before we explore boundaries versus ultimatums it’s important to mention that we don’t just happen into the relationships we find  ourselves in – when we recognize we have someone in our life who has inappropriate (or

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Setting Boundaries or Delivering Ultimatums?

photo credit: glockkid What’s the difference between setting boundaries and giving ultimatums? Often we believe that setting boundaries requires ultimatums. In reality, ultimatums are most often about wanting (or feeling the need) to control someone else’s behavior or attitude, often, “for their own good.” Setting boundaries, on the other hand, is about taking care of ourselves. Our job is to clarify one from the other.

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What’s Our Responsibility And What’s Not?

 photo credit: woodleywonderworks In getting off the Victim Triangle we must shift our priorities by changing our perception about who we are and are not responsible for. Below is a list of shifts that occur in our primary relationships as we recover from rescuing: Taking responsibility for ourselves becomes our number one priority regardless of how selfish we used to think taking care of ourselves

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