Breaking Through Barriers of Impossibility

photo credit: Daniel Berg Wim Hof: The Ice Man is someone who inspires me. Wim is known, perhaps most famously, as the “Ice Man” because he has broken world records for withstanding sub-zero temperatures while being simultaneously submerged in ice; a teeth chattering experience to even consider much less attempt. I know it is easy to decide , as my husband tends to think, that

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Our Stories Keep Us from Peace

From my standpoint, I can see only one reason not to be thrilled by our lives just as they are – right this minute … and that’s because we’re believing some story that is keeping us from the peace and abundance that is here for us right NOW! It really is THAT simple … Find and suspect any Story you are currently believing that blocks

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This Dream Called “My Life”

This morning, I suddenly saw more clearly than ever that this experience I call “my life” is truly a dream. (“Welcome to Lynne’s dream!” ) When you come into my home… for instance, you enter the dream of what I have previously believed “Lynne’s home” could look like. In other words, I dreamed this place into concrete reality. What you see, in visible form, is

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