In Our Mad Attempts to Stop the Pain

We all have our ways of “not going there” – of trying to avoid feeling the inner pain brought on by our losses and difficult transitions. And – please don’t get me wrong! I understand! Believe me! I have had my own ways of medicating and numbing to the pain in my efforts to keep from falling into the vat of inner darkness left over

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Thoughts become Things

Yesterday, during my centering, I asked the question; “What story am I currently believing?” Immediately I caught a glimpse and heard the words, “… I am awakening ….” “Ah yes,” I thought, “that IS my current story …. …I tell myself that I am awakening into Reality. Awaking from a dream based on unquestioned stories about “me” and “my life”. Awakening through the process of

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Stumbling In the Dark … Living Unconsciously.

Being unconscious is like having lived in a dark room for years – not being able to see and stumbling over the same obstacles again and again…. When we’ve lived in the dark so long, we feel victimized by the things we stumble over … we feel at the mercy of these obstacles within us and accuse and blame our life situations for holding us

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Converting self abuse to self forgiveness….

What follows is a process of self-inquiry I did recently. I thought I’d share it as an example of the work that allows me to uncover the peace that otherwise lies buried underneath stressful thoughts. It seemed to be a clear example of how to consciously move away from a place of story-running, self denigration into a more forgiving state. Self abuse is a place

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Some people are awakened all at once. It seems that I, however am one who is awakening slowly … incrementally. And that makes sense to me when I think that perhaps part of the service I can render is to share incremental shifts of awareness as I experience them. In this way, perhaps I might be used as a model of awakening. That is my

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