Authenticity Resides in the Present.

Someone recently spoke to me about their preference for people who are “authentic” …. It prompted me to ponder on the word, and wonder … “What determines authenticity, anyway?”…. Here’s what I think … I think we’re authentic to the degree that we’re able to give our full attention to whatever it is we’re doing right now – in this very moment. … And I

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Attention is an Energetic Fertilizer …

There is a Guiding Principle that says that what we pay attention to expands. Our attention acts as a sort of “mental fertilizer” by “feeding” whatever it is we pay attention to; it therefore must increase. This is true whether we are giving it negative attention or positive; both forms of attention prompt increase. Berating or criticizing someone for a bad habit, for instance, fixates

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How do we attract someone more positive into our lives?

“How do we become attracted to someone other than to people who mirror the types of behavior we don’t like?” It is through the process of transforming our minds that we attract and are attracted to higher frequency people and life situations. As we raise our internal frequency through the process of examining and intervening on our old, limiting beliefs … we vibrate on a

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What are feelings?

Pay attention to how you react when you judge something (anything) as “bad”. When you believe, for instance, that feelings are bad, how do you react towards them? I don’t know about you but when I think my feelings are bad, I want to get rid of them. I act like something is wrong with me for having them … I deny them, medicate them,

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Observer Self – The Feminine Aspect

The Feminine Aspect of the Higher Self is the Observer or Witness who feeds and nourishes through the “Attention”. Attention is the act of “attending” that which you want to nurture in your life. In its highest frequency attention is Love. If you think about what defines a feeling of being loved, isn’t it the act of attention? The people we feel loved by are

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