Receiving The Blessing of Giving …

Last year’s anonymous gift giving spree whet the appetite for another go at it this year. Our stated goal was to give to any and everyone we encountered on our walk across Walnut Street Bridge, “just because,” with no strings attached. Our children were eager to get back out there. Kids thrive on repetition and ritual … they like to “know the ropes,” so to

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The Tonic of Self Appreciation

I dreamed last night that I was eat up with longing for validation, recognition and resentment at not getting it. I would create a piece of art – decide no one valued it and then feel ashamed for wanting their acknowledgement & so destroy it in a fit of despair and resentment. Altho I’m not aware of what presently this dream might refer to (I’m

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Appreciating Simple Abundance

Our enjoyment of Baby Kai continues and intensifies as the days go by … mama and baby, each increasing in strength as they rest and eat well. I go to Daniel’s garden every morning and harvest that mornings “whole food smoothie” – a drink made from the greens, brocolli, corn and berries I gather there. All of this produce, along with apple and peach, goes

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Welcome Baby Kai – the family grows ….

Baby Kai (my third grandson) arrived, perfect and whole, in his radiant new self, last Friday. There were no surprises … he kept his birth “appointment” right on time. (Delivery by c-section had been foretold.) And he is beautiful and mellow too. We are delighted. I write these words from our home, where we’ve retreated; Daniel and I along with the new parents, baby. big

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