The Reality Formula At Work In Business

The Guiding Principles of Reality work wherever they are used. These Universal Truths are the way we see life when we are aligned with Reality. They bring us a sense of peace in our personal and family life, and they help us find right relationship with our partners, in life as well as in the business arena.Today I decided it would be helpful to share

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Breaking Through Barriers of Impossibility

photo credit: Daniel Berg Wim Hof: The Ice Man is someone who inspires me. Wim is known, perhaps most famously, as the “Ice Man” because he has broken world records for withstanding sub-zero temperatures while being simultaneously submerged in ice; a teeth chattering experience to even consider much less attempt. I know it is easy to decide , as my husband tends to think, that

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The Christmas “Nutcracker” Ballet

I was in Florida last weekend to see my son, Andrew and his Guilfoil Ballet Theater Academy of Dance perform Nutcracker for the Winter Wonderland in downtown Clearwater. Winter Wonderland is an annual outdoor & free event that provides a wonderful opportunity for families, no matter how poor, to celebrate the holidays. There were all sorts of free events including a petting zoo and a

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Guilfoil Ballet Theater – “Ballet on the Lake” ….

Daniel and I hosted a week long summer dance camp for The Guilfoil Ballet Theater last week (which explains why you haven’t seen much of me here lately:)). Andrew Guilfoil, the director and founder of GBT is my son. He is a master teacher of ballet and dance, as well as an inspirational artist in his own right. He brought only those students of his

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