Exchanging Guilt For Aligned Conscience

Guilt often turns into self-persecution. We incur guilt for something we think we have done wrong, something we think we should not have done, for instance, and then turn to self recrimination and blame of ourselves and others. It does not further. There’s a difference between guilt induced self-blame and a well-developed conscience, however. Conscience prompts us to recognize when we are living outside of

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Keys to Freedom … Freely Shared

I share with you the keys to freedom I have been given because they are not mine to keep. What you do with the gleanings you may find here in my posts, and elsewhere, is not my business … that would be between you & Source. It is up to you to decide whether what you read here is true. Only bear in mind that

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The Body Reflects Our Beliefs

The mind rules the body. Through my work, I have come to see just how true those words are. What we believe determines not only our health, but the physical stance and posture we assume, and that physicality becomes the way we communicate to others about who we are and what we believe. Our body is a transmitter of the energy we create through the

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Daily Practice: Learning to Align, Surrender, Clear & Receive

A daily practice is about learning to align, surrender, clear and receive. We align through setting our intention on connecting with The Highest Source. We move into postures that open and align us physically with it and then we let go of the mental chatter, focusing only on the reality of what we are experiencing in and around us now. We surrender. But I still

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Seeds from Source; Grounding our “mountain-top” experiences

photo credit: cliff1066 Many times I return from a “mountain top experience” in consciousness, only to find, sometimes within moments, that I am back in the density of an ego stratosphere filled with mental chatter that undermines my mountain top experience. What possible design by nature & ego might there be for this tendency to feel totally surprised, again and again, when we return and

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