What IS the “Philosophers Stone?”

This morning I was given this nugget during my daily practice about the philosopher’ stone… and although I have wondered for years what it is exactly … in the moment it came I was not searching for it. It came, as is so often the way, as a “download.” Why is this such a big deal?” – you may ask.” Figuring out exactly what the

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Reality says, “What We Resist, Persists …”

There are basic universal principles that define Reality. Wise men of every generation have observed these universal principles at work in the natural world. Certain of these guiding principles are the very foundation upon which the Reality Formula™ is based. For instance, we know that Reality is a medium that supports life, in the same way that water is a medium that supports aquatic life.

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Universal Guidance

photo credit: piermario I received “strong encouragement” from a comment posted on my blog recently recommending that I deepen my studies in Alchemy. I replied and asked for study suggestions. I asked the question to my commenter, Mysterium, but also to the ethers. I’ve seen that when I ask a question, response comes – often immediately. (Sometimes we’re too busy protesting the way it comes

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Part 3; Noah … Building the Ark

photo credit: Sweet One It doesn’t take much to see how relevant the story of Noah and the Ark is to our personal life journey. The Biblical story describes our own spiritual life journey. We all face “floods” in life. Perhaps the flood we encounter comes to us through loss of job, relationship or loved one; through addiction or mental illness – maybe we lived

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Noah walked with God ….

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’ve mentioned before that every character in the Bible has relevance for us. We have within our psyche it’s counterpart that relates to us. Lately I’ve been reading and studying Noah and the message he brings to us about ourselves. Right off the bat, in the Genesis account of Noah and the flood, we are told who Noah was (and is in

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