Appreciating the Hard Times

photo credit: benhamin My daughter once said, “Mom, I don’t mind the hard times. Times when I struggle, not knowing from where the money will come are special, maybe even sacred, times.” She continued, “I’ve noticed that its during such times that I see miracles most clearly! I get to experience those “just-what-I-need-at-the-moment” sort of miracles. They stand out, those miracles, becoming so visible, so

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The Secret of Contentment

photo credit: David Davies photo credit: JOE M500 photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov My life is so full of good stuff right now! Why would I be in a rush to get to some imagined “better” place? There are no dreaded moments in my day. Everything I do I choose so there’s nothing I feel forced to do or resentful about having to do. It is

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Nowhere but Now

photo credit: ODHD Whenever that old familiar story about time running out starts taking over my mind I remind myself that things can only happen on time. Nothing else is possible. You know the story, right – the one that says we must hurry up so we can get to that place in the far off future where we can finally relax, breathe and have

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About “Sharing the Wealth”

by aka_lusi The very compassionate and caring mindset of “sharing the wealth with those less fortunate” is something I understand and with which I greatly empathize. I believe strongly in being in service and so those words sound good to me. Of course one should share! I’ve done a lot of thinking about this idea, especially now, since it’s one that’s getting a lot of

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Seven Steps to Freeing the Mind ….

by wadem Below you will find Seven Steps for Restoring Sanity along with the Spiritual Principles that Govern each Step. The more immediate the application of this simple seven step formula, the quicker will be your return to inner harmony and peace. They are: Notice when there is inner conflict or disharmony present and take it as an opportunity for growth. Principle: Most often, stressful

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