Seeing Our Inner Darkness

Doing the work of mental and emotional clearing can be like bringing sunlight into a dark room in our psyches where the thick damask curtains of denial have been tightly drawn for decades. The thick layer of dust and grime, of lies and self-deceit, can not be seen as long as the curtains remain closed. The light of consciousness illuminates these dark nooks and crannies

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Focusing on Abundance …

I am at peace when I am accepting of where I am in life, and the bounty provided for me every day. It seems that when I’m at home on the mountain, the gardens and nature allow me to more readily soften into an attitude of gratitude and acceptance, rather than to be driven by the ego driving agendas of my city life. I am

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More on Surrendering Judgment

When we are coming from a surrendered state, we naturally look for the gifts being offered through the circumstances we experience. We look for reasons why things ARE the way they are, rather than for reasons why they should not be this way or that. We attune with gratitude to whatever is happening, because we understand that the Universe is benevolent and that enables us

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Painful memories from the Past

Sometimes painful memories surface. In the process of reclaiming our true selves, we must look back at where we’ve been. That is the true purpose for having a “past”. We remember the past in order to reflect on where we’ve come from. This allows us to recognize the limiting stories we are still carrying. This is the only stress free reason to revisit our past

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More thoughts on Death

A few more clarifying thoughts on how I see death … In my mind there is a great difference between acceptance of death and wanting it. I certainly do not want anyone to die and MOST especially, my children or those I have the biggest attachment to. I cannot even imagine how it would feel to lose a child or one of my grandchildren! I

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