Boundaries are set from the inside out …

 photo credit: FrankBonilla.tv I was asked to define the difference between setting boundaries and delivering ultimatums and decided to share my thoughts on the topic with you all. But before we explore boundaries versus ultimatums it’s important to mention that we don’t just happen into the relationships we find  ourselves in – when we recognize we have someone in our life who has inappropriate (or

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Learning From Our Painful Relationships

photo credit: Sydigill When we approach our painful relationships with the intention to use them to discover more about ourselves, we grow exponentially. For example, when instead of fighting against the way someone treats us, we look at how our interaction with them reflects our own thoughts, feelings and behavior towards ourselves, we do better because we put our energy towards the things we can

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When Loved Ones Act Unloving Towards Us

photo credit: Firesam! When people act negatively towards us, they are hurting. What they need most from us is the thing that is hardest to give. They need to feel loved and included by us. When we find ourselves acting unloving towards them, it is because we don’t feel loved, i.e., we are hurting. We think they are withholding love and we resent them for

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Relationships Are A Valid Spiritual Path

by MartynS Rahul prompted this post with his comment on “Shall I Stay or Shall I go?” and I thought it worth re-posting here for all to see. 🙂 Thank you, Rahul for your question…. There are no accidents or mistakes. Most certainly this is true in relationship. We are with our mates for a reason … One of the most powerful principles involving relationship

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Shall I go or shall I stay?

by raggiesoft Are you in a painful relationship and wondering whether you should go or stay? I used to think I knew whether a couple should stay together or separate based on the degree of pain or abuse involved. I have since come to realize how totally presumptuous such an idea is! Today I know that there is no right or wrong answer regarding whether

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