Rooted in the Reality of Having Enough

photo credit: alicepopkorn When we are firmly rooted in reality, we do not see problems, but opportunities everywhere. We register abundance wherever we look … Right now, I see an abundance of green grass, trees, water, light, furnishings, food, sky, air … the list goes on and on … It is only when our minds run away with us into future angst, asking “what if”

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Appreciating Simple Abundance

Our enjoyment of Baby Kai continues and intensifies as the days go by … mama and baby, each increasing in strength as they rest and eat well. I go to Daniel’s garden every morning and harvest that mornings “whole food smoothie” – a drink made from the greens, brocolli, corn and berries I gather there. All of this produce, along with apple and peach, goes

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Focusing on Abundance …

I am at peace when I am accepting of where I am in life, and the bounty provided for me every day. It seems that when I’m at home on the mountain, the gardens and nature allow me to more readily soften into an attitude of gratitude and acceptance, rather than to be driven by the ego driving agendas of my city life. I am

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Outer reflecting the Inner. …

Here’s another example of how outer reflects the inner…. Parking for the Convention Center is in a several storied garage … when I returned to the seminar I was attending after lunch on Saturday, I ended up parking on the very rooftop of the garage since it was so full. But it wasn’t until that evening after the seminar ended that I discovered the real

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Abundance for Life Purpose

To align on a daily basis keeps me in line with the purpose Source has for me. Nothing else is required for a life of purpose and joy. I understand my part of the process … I know that since I can’t make anything happen – I might as well relax and enjoy how life is unfolding through me. I have everything I need for

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