Grandparents as Mentors & Guides – A Forgotten Resource?

Before you read further: This letter, though a personal one written to my grandson, may also be relevant to you, or your family. I share it here for two reasons, one, I post this letter here as a way to invite my grandson without applying any well-intentioned pressure on him to go along just because he thinks he should, Since he does not know the

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Parallel Paths and Polar Opposites …

Have you ever had the thought that just maybe there are people around us who are living parallel paths to our own? That perhaps they, simply by living their own lives, grant us an opportunity, to see the choices we did NOT make, the paths we did not take? I have had someone who has lived mostly on the periphery of my life who has

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Melodrama or A Passionate Life?

I recently listened to a friend vocalize protest against people she described as being “so melodramatic.” She said her stomach clenches whenever she gets around people who are “into drama,” and then confided to me that she had long ago decided not to live her life with dramatic display, but with introspective decorum instead.   I understand. I am a person who has been guilty of living my life

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What is Qigong? A Life Changing Event in Chattanooga!

My qigong teacher, Jeff Primack, is bringing his mind-blowing four day Qi Revolution to our town, Chattanooga, Tennessee, from June 4th -7th, 2011! This is the energy-healing movement that has been a huge part of my own transformation and that I write about in my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, in which I describe the process I use for bringing ourselves out of

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Yin Yang Energy

In 1928, an English physicist, Paul Dirac, theorized that every particle  has its own companion particle that has the same mass and spin, but with an opposite charge. These companion particles are known as “antiparticles.” Somewhere in the early thirties, another scientist, Carl Anderson, in his quest to answer the question, “Where do the antiparticles go?” discovered  a track of antiparticles in a cloud chamber,

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