Steps in Finding Freedom From My Unhappy Story About You

Steps in Giving Up My Unhappy Story About You 1. Return to the Present – There are no problems in this moment. It’s only the regrets of the past and the angst about the future that is capable of generating misery. The ego abducts us into the land of time; the realm of unconsciousness, by occupying us with thoughts of past and future. Neither of

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Reality Formula’s Guiding Principles for The Physical Body ©

The Guiding Principles of Reality For The Body © The Law of Mind: Cause and Effect: There are no accidents. The body we have is the one created for us for the duration of our life journey on Planet Earth. It is perfect for its mission, regardless of how we perceive it. It is designed to bring the challenges it does for the purpose of

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Lynne Forrest

How to give yourself better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle that works …

Good health is a process that starts from where we are and grows as we bring awareness to our lifestyle. The first step in changing our old patterns around food and health is to observe our present health habits and patterns, without judgment – recognizing them for what they are – choices made from beliefs we have about our body, our health, and what we

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Going Down Into Our Innermost Darkness … For Consciousness Sake

I went down into the darkness for two whole days recently. It was a VERY dark time emotionally … I felt angry  and hopelessly exhausted with no end in sight. I had spiraled into old familiar territory, into the “I’m never  going to realize the rewards of my hard efforts” story that has been with me a very long time. It had been years  since I

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Lessons from the Bible: Being Called To Serve

Because I was steeped in Esoteric principles before I discovered and began to study the Bible, I immediately, from the very beginning, saw it as an alchemical text, i.e. as an ‘Emerald Tablet’ of sorts, multi-dimensional, alive, and capable of transforming consciousness through the ‘eating of its word.’ I have been an avid reader of the Bible since. Mine was not a childhood spent in

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