Getting hooked by our stories about Reality is not Reality at all …

All of us get caught up in our limited story on occasion, it’s not a problem … it’s just what human’s do! We are designed to be dysfunctional! (perhaps you’ve noticed! ;)) Humans simply believe the thoughts we think without questioning them at all. We simply, and naturally, think what we think is true. We mistake our thoughts about Reality for being Reality! They are NOT

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Life As It’s Designed To Be …

I posted this on my Facebook page this morning, and thought it “blog-worthy.” 🙂 ‘The choices we make are an accurate reflection of our own emotional frequency. There can be no mistake. Our life & the people in it, show us exactly what we believe about ourselves & the world around us. This is life as it is designed to be. There’s nobody to blame,

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Finding the Gifts in Dysfunction

Sometimes there is concern expressed that we might actually mislead or make matters worse by looking for the gifts in every situation, especially when we’re seeking the positives in painful relationships with those who may NOT have our best interest in mind.  The concern is that seeking to find gratitude for such situations in our lives might mislead us into rationalizing and/or denying injustice and abuse

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But There Are REAL Victims …

I often am asked questions about how the guiding principles apply in the case of truly traumatic life happenings, such as the holocaust, etc … Or as one student put it, “How does the construct  of a transformational approach to the “victim triangle” address and apply in situations of such severity ? I always appreciate the opportunity to expand on this important issue because it is one

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Courage and Passion Comes Only From Conviction

Our passion for something is determined by our belief, or conviction, in it. From such conviction comes courage to stand and share what we believe passionately. The rule is this: From deep conviction comes the passion for it, and out of such passion, courage is born. Or another way of saying it is this: I cannot be passionate about something I do not believe in, and

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