Becoming Heart Centered Thinkers; Our Next Step In Maturity

I believe humanity is awakening to the realization that we are essentially heart-centered beings. Did you know that we all start out life literally as a beating heart? Before there was any sign of a brain, the fetal zygote was being run by a thinking heart. Isn’t it interesting that we tend to value the brain above all other organs? We clearly see the brain

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Toddler Tyrants of Victim Consciousness

photo credit: wsilver I had an image come to mind that I think aptly describes what victim consciousness sometimes looks like. My image is this: An adult-sized baby is throwing a toddler style temper tantrum; they wear a diaper and there’s a crown on their head; they are hollering, “I don’t like that! I don’t want it! You don’t treat me right. No fair! I’m

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Lessons About Reputation from Skunk

photo credit: brookpeterson Years ago I was, for a short intense while, under the tutorage of a man who professed to be an American Indian medicine man. He went by the name, “Natamenaha,” and he taught me to pay attention to nature and the messages she sends us. This past few weeks, skunk has brought me a few valuable insights that I thought worth sharing.

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Resistance: Food for the Victim Ego

 photo credit: Dalliano0925????? We all have a part of us that focuses on the negative and generates resistance to life in the form of negativity. I call that part of us, the “victim ego.” The victim ego is the part of us that is in constant resistance to the world, with thoughts like, “I didn’t deserve that, it’s not fair” and “Look what they did

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Dangers of Low Self Esteem

photo credit: Symic Low Self Esteem is dangerous, to ourselves, and to others. Low self-esteem creates a state of depletion within us that comes from years of “looking down on” ourselves, running ourselves down, and ignoring our own wants and needs. Such self-denigration compels us to seek outside ourselves for “esteem,” looking to our jobs and “titles,” or trying to get our sense of worth

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