How We Attract Life Partners – Good & Bad

 photo credit: JasonDGreat Since we know there are no mistakes, no coincidences, (see Guiding Principles ) we can assume that that includes the relationships we find ourselves in. Truthfully, we handpick the people in our lives to be exactly the way they are because the way they are reinforces what we have come to expect from relationship! Here’s how it works: As children we make

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Why do I write?

photo credit: gideon_wright In this mornings practice I was asking myself the question, “Why do I blog about my process so openly? What are my underlying intentions? How much of it is ego-driven? I let those questions roll around in my mind as I breathed and stretched on my yoga mat. In my practice, rather than trying to silence the mind, I attempt to follow

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Feeling Distant? Guess Who Moved?

photo credit: metoc I saw a message once on a church billboard that said, “If you feel distant from God, guess who moved?” This is a relevant question – not only in our relationship with Source, but also in our relationship with others. We separate ourselves from ourselves, others and Source when we blindly believe the painful stories we think Here’s an example: During the

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Physiology of Thought

photo credit: Stacy Blackman On a physiological basis, my understanding of how thought works in the brain is as follows: thoughts send electrical impulses to the amygdala, that tiny pea-size brain center located in the back brain; the amygdala is where thoughts are converted to emotion; from the amygdala those emotional impulses travel down the spine and throughout the nervous system causing physiological responses. In

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Our Beliefs Determine Our Life Experience

photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ When we hold beliefs that leave us doubting that we can have what we want, we create feelings of separation within us. We set ourselves apart from the world of abundance with an expectation of lack, scarcity, thwarted dreams and goals. The result is a harvest of outcomes that validate the limitation we believe in and expect. If we believe, for

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